Carbon Monoxide Detector for SCUBA Tanks

$169 | Designed & Made in the USA.

Concerned about carbon monoxide in your SCUBA tanks? The complete analyzer kit includes the Carbon Monoxide Inspector, a high quality portable CO detector, a carrying case, yoke adaptor and male and female connectors for sampling air or exhaust for CO. Plus, the Inspector is waterproof!

This complete kit is perfect for scuba enthusiasts who want a Carbon Monoxide Meter as well as Carbon Monoxide analysis (CO analyzer) capabilities. Half the price of the competition, 1/3 or less than the cost of expensive combustion analyzers, all with better build quality!

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Should I test every scuba tank for carbon monoxide?

Testing scuba tanks for carbon monoxide is completely at the discretion of the diver. No standard for testing tanks currently exists. Owning a carbon monoxide detector is a good idea for dive shops, and companies that do dive tours for others. Recreational divers may also wish to test for CO, but again, it's at their sole discretion.

How often does my dive tank Carbon Monoxide Detector need calibration?

For the Sensorcon Inspector, we recommend every 180 days. However, this also depends on how precise you need your readings to be. Given the current US "standard" for carbon monoxide in dive tanks of 10 PPM, even a 40% error range in concentration should be good enough to know if there's a carbon monoxide issue with your dive air.

Day 0: +/- 10%
Day 180: +/- 20%
1 year: +/- 30%
2 year: +/- 40%
3 year: +/- 60%

So after 2 years without calibration, the 10 PPM threshold would register somewhere between 6 PPM and 14 PPM. In both cases, further investigation is warranted.

Resolution 1ppm
Accuracy +/- 10% of reading or +/- 2ppm (whichever is higher)
Initial response time 5 Seconds
Full response time 20 Seconds
Size ~3.2″ x 2.2″ x 0.9″
Battery Life >2 yrs (without alarms on)
Battery Type CR123A (Panasonic CR123A required for Industrial version)
Alarm setpoints 35 ppm low, 200 ppm high
Alarm types Visual LCD/LED, Audible Buzzer (80-85dB), and Vibrate Mode (vibrate in Industrial models only)
Temperature Range -4 to +122 °F (-20 to +50 °C)
Humidity Range 20%-90% RH continuous (0-99% intermittent, e.g.
Sensor Type Amperometric type electrochemical sensor
Ingress Rating IP 67 (completely dust proof & water proof)
Wearability Steel alligator clip with lanyard loop